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In recent years, there are multiple numbers of trade in sites have sprung up. Many people are quickly offloading their new iPhone or Android phone in a hassle-free manner. Hundreds of thousands of people nowadays wanted to make their used iPhones get processed every year. Is that you’re one among them looking for a perfect place to buy or sell used iPhones or Andriod phones at an affordable cost? Yep! You’re in the right place to give new life to a used smartphone or any other devices. 

Have you ever heard about Gazelle? If not, let me explain, what is exactly and the services offered by it quickly in this short review. Gazelle is a flourishing e-commerce business where you can buy and sell pre-owned consumer electronics at a reasonable price. They understand their customers need and trust them by trading in their electronics. All the responsibilities are taken seriously by Gazelle.

About Gazelle:

Gazelle, a good reputation of business started in 2006. Gazelle, a leading reCommerce company where you can buy or sell used smartphones, laptops, tablets, and desktops. The basic concept was Gazelle formed when you can trade a used car; you can also be able to trade an used phone. It offers you new business, way to reuse consumer electronics. started pioneering the reCommerce idea and offers you a simple online trade-in service with instant quotes and free shipping. This reCommerce plan was launched as an online store in selling certified pre-owned devices, offering consumers a great alternative to buying new smart devices.

How Does Gazelle Works? the nation’s leading consumer electronics trade-in site that sells you certified pre-owned devices or you can trade unwanted devices for cash. They work hand in hand with their customers to enhance their value by making good things happen in the consumer electronics lifecycle. rewards people for smart consumption whereby making waves in the technology industry that is highly responsible for used personal devices in creating long-term solutions. What they do is, they purchase used smartphones, tablets, laptops and desktops. After that, they inspect, certify and sell them to their consumers for a cost-effective way to get connected.

Gazelle is a simple, convenient platform that works for everyone. In 2015, ecoATM acquired Gazelle where it allows their consumers to have an online experience anywhere in the globe. Everything at Gazelle is comfortable and convenient for people to sell back unwanted tablets and smartphones. Gazelle offers you cash on the spot for the iPhones and Andriod devices considered as no more extended use. provides it’s consumers with real money, fast with best options when it comes to buying and trading in pre-owned electronics. The delivery process will be very convenient via online channels or in person. Using is simple in which the team of experts work hard to make Gazelle as comfortable as possible.

Steps to Find out The Gazelle Value for your Item:

  • Step 1: At first, choose your item on, if you did not find the item match your item precisely that they will not be able to offer you anything. Once you found your item, make them know what conditions it’s in by answering a few questions.
  • Step 2: If you satisfy with their offer just complete the check out process and let them know how you’d like to get paid. Shipping is free in which they will send you a box for qualified orders.
  • Step 3: Once they receive your box, the team will check out the products and pay you as soon as possible.

What’s Special About Gazelle?

  • Gazelle shows you the convenient and easy way to track your transactions.
  • The condition of the item can be rated as Excellent, very good, excellent or poor.
  • Gazelle will never purchase items that have been reported as stolen or lost.
  • You can send more than an item in one box but make sure securing the PS number to the device.
  • As an added benefit, Gazelle will offer you referral payment for both people.
  • Gazelle primary focus is on reuse part of the recycling equation.


Benefits of Using Gazelle:

  • The online service offers an easy, fast and secure way for consumers.
  • trade their device for money at your convenience.
  • Also, you will receive certified pre-owned devices at a better value than competitors.
  • Gazelle will never share your personal information unless with their partners.
  • It doesn’t charge you any cost for setting up transactions with them.
  • Gazelle will make an offer of water damaged phones, but the phone is considered broken.


Drawbacks of Gazelle:

  • Gazelle is not affiliated with nor has it been authorised, sponsored, or otherwise approved by the manufacturers of the items available for trade-in or purchase.
  • The offer will be good for 30 days where the faster you send it, the quicker you’ll get paid.


Gazelle is the best option for reusing and recycling the products online. Is that you owning more than 10 or more devices to sell? I highly suggest the best choice! At Gazelle, you can sell your phones, tablets, MacBooks and iMac quickly and conveniently. Already millions of devices bought and sold at! They understand the customer’s need. Gazelle is a better business bureau which accredits business with the A+ rating. I hope the service offered by Gazelle makes you satisfied! It ensures the fastest possible processing and payment for your device. So, no need for any second thoughts. Get signed up for today!

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